Roofing Services

Our Roofing Services

BML Roofing offers a variety of services that you can use to keep your roof inspected, well-maintained, and in good repair.

Modified Bitumen

When you enforce bitumen with polymers and add layers of fabric for strength, you get an incredibly durable building material ideal for commercial roofing. Modified bitumen is less expensive, water-resistant, and environmentally friendly.


Use alternate layers of bitumen with various strong fabrics to create a hot asphalt and gravel membrane structure known as a built-up roof.

Single-Ply Membranes

Want a lightweight roof that brushes off the effects of inclement weather? Try our single-ply membrane roofs that come in a wide variety of grades to choose from.

Metal Work

Whether it’s metal roof restoration or coatings, BML specializes in metal roof restorations, coatings, and sheet metal.

Repairs & Roof Openings

Are you looking for a roof repair for a dedicated area? Our team can help you identify and carry out the best repair for your roof.

Roof Maintenance

Stay proactive and extend the longevity of your roof with routine maintenance carried out by the BML Roofing team.

Roof Inspections

Find out important information about your roof with one of our detailed roofing inspections. We’ll help you determine the lifespan of your roof and any potential problems.