Businesses should be on the lookout for typical winter weather damage and prepare to avoid further roof damages.

Weather damage can include the following:

  • Snow, ice, and hail
  • Increasing levels of moisture and wet rot
  • Damaged shingles
  • Animal infestations

Below are these forms of roof damage in greater detail, so you can know how to prevent such damages and avoid paying for unnecessary repairs.

Weather Damage Requires Roof Repairs

During the winter months, snow, ice, and hail will be the primary weather damage you will have to correct. Flat roofs especially need shoveling from time to time to prevent snow from building up and damaging the roof’s integrity.

Large pieces of hail can increasingly damage your roof’s already-weak areas, and improperly-installed flashing can result in leaks and damaged roofing as well.

Have an inspector assess any areas of your roofing that are prone to weather damage, as well as the current condition of your roof, to prevent further damage.

Apply Flashing to Prevent Unnecessary Roof Repairs

We install roof flashing to direct water away from areas where increasing moisture levels can do the most damage. The threat of moisture damage is why flashing is a common addition to roofing around and above crevices where walls and chimneys meet roofing materials.

If your roof flashing is old or damaged, we recommend repairing the roofing before winter. The winter months will bring rain, ice, and snow, all of which will easily melt over time. Avoid large repair bills and significant water damage to your roofs and walls by having your roof flashing inspected.

Nesting Animals Can Result in Roof Repairs

Animals seek shelter when they need to. In the winter, the shelter could very well be your roofing. We want to prevent that at all costs because it is costly.

Animals like birds, squirrels, and the like, can burrow into your roofing quite easily. Escaping the cold and wind chill is an excellent motivation for them. Beyond burrowing, their presence alone will increase moisture levels, and their waste will create health hazards.

A simple way to deal with a pest problem is to check that your roof is properly sealed and have animal control officers root out and remove any animals nesting in your roofs.

Shingle Damages Will Require Inspection

Shingles are a common form of roofing. They are practical and inexpensive. However, shingles are also easily damaged. The cold weather and weather conditions can result in damaged shingles, leading to further roofing damages.

Roofing Shinlges - Winter Damage - Roof Repairs Brantford and Hamilton-min

If in doubt, assess the state of your shingles. Look and see if you can find roofing areas with loose, lifted, cracked, or missing shingles. These areas need to be repaired before the winter sets in, if possible, to prevent further and more widespread damages to your roofing and building.

Need Roof Repairs This Winter? Contact BML Roofing

Winter is a time of festivity and roof damage. Do not leave repairs to the last minute.

Perform repairs as soon as possible. With winter comes worsening weather conditions. Make sure that your roof is ready for the winter. Deterring common weather mishaps from damaging your roofs will lower your repairs bills and increase your peace of mind.

Typical winter damage can include:

  • Weather damage
  • Improperly installed flashing
  • Damaged shingles
  • Animal infestations

If you have a roofing problem, we can solve it.

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