Many major cities and towns across the world have begun a steady reopening of all businesses operating in the area. From restaurants to warehouses to other facilities, many company managers are making plans to get back up and running after several months of socially distanced work.

There are many tasks to complete for a smooth reopening, such as redesigning workflows to minimize risk of disease transmission and getting employees back up to speed with regular operations. One decision that you should not forget is roof restoration and maintenance. Proactive attention to your business’s roof ensures that you will not experience any costly repairs or problems when roof failures occur.

A well-maintained roof gives your company a professional look and guarantees the safety of your employees, business partners, and inventory. Let’s talk about some recommendations for roof restoration after a few months of closing.

Search for Leaks

Just because the company was closed during quarantine, doesn’t mean it wasn’t under the influence of the weather nonetheless. Rainwater might collect on the roof; the days and nights put the building under a cooling and heating cycle every day; and it’s even possible for small animals to find new homes in your building while no one else was around.

Search for evidence of leaks in your roof. Puddles of water indoors are an obvious sign, but don’t forget to look for cracks or damaged foundation, as well as anomalies in the walls that could point to seeping water. If you find yourself placing buckets on the floor a lot, it may be time to invest in a roof restoration service.

Damaged Ceiling due to Leaks in Flat Roof

Frequent Inspections of your Flat Roof can prevent water damage due to cracks and leaks in your roof.

Inspect the Top

It’s not too difficult to check the condition of the roof personally, especially if your business has a flat roof. Head to the top of your company building if you can and check for signs of apparent damage like cracks or penetrations. Water enters the building during rainstorms through damages like these. A careful examination is worth doing if you are able to access the roof.

While you might not be able to fix everything you see, a quick search goes a long way to reporting problems early on and finding solutions promptly when you talk with roof restoration specialists.


While you’ve been away during COVID-19, much debris has likely collected on your business’s roof. From sticks to branches, leaves, and even the nests of wildlife, cleaning out the roof is a necessary step after reopening.

Debris can put strain on the structure of the company. Leaves and branches can also promote standing water when it rains, resulting in seeping moisture into the building.
Don’t forget to check your gutters and downspouts, which may become clogged. During seasons of heavy rain, roof drainage must always be kept operational.

Contact a Roof Restoration and Inspection Company

By contacting a qualified service provider regularly, you are taking steps to keep your business’s building in excellent shape for your clients and staff. We recommend a visit twice a year at least, though you should have an extra inspection during seasons of inclement weather.

Fixing problems now rather than putting them off until later goes a long way to extending the lifespan of your commercial roof and minimizing the cost of future repairs. The time right after quarantine ends is ideal for a new roof inspection to take place.

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• Roof maintenance is a regular part of business operation. Once you’ve reopened your company after the COVID-19 quarantine, the first consideration you should make is getting in contact with a service provider.
• Clean out any debris from the roof and make sure no major cracks or intrusions came up while you were away.
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