Business owners are always looking for ways to make their companies look safe and professional. From outdoor décor to clean carpets, improvements to your business’s appearance go a long way to giving potential customers and business partners a sense that they are working with a trustworthy organization.

Likewise, you need to focus on company maintenance, and one aspect to pay attention to is your roof. Commercial roof work requires professional care, so how often should you schedule roof inspections from a certified vendor?

If you neglect these essential checkups, you may suffer from expensive damage to your roof over time that you will not be able to ignore. If you use them too often, then you will be wasting time and resources as most commercial roofs typically last at least a few years. How do you make the decision? It ultimately lies in several factors, including the age and materials of your roof.

The Factors

A company roof needs an inspection every now and again to protect it from wear and tear damage resulting from rain, snow, sunlight, heat, and natural aging. Factors that impact how often inspections are necessary include:

• Construction materials
• Local climate
• Accidents

Remember that most roof damage is invisible. While you will notice a leak or broken patch of shingles, you probably will not notice internal damage or minor problems that can easily evolve into larger ones.

What Components Need Inspection?

There are many parts to a commercial roof that can impact how often an inspection is necessary. A flat roof might require different repair processes than a sloped one, for instance. A few of those parts are:

Shingles, either wood or asphalt
External layers, made of ceramic or metal
Structural components, such as trusses that hold up the overlaying sheets and other underlying layers
Moisture protection, like gutters and flashing

All these components need a professional team to inspect and repair. Let’s get into scheduling.

Roof Inspection Scheduling Tips

An ideal time for a roof inspection from a certified vendor is immediately after a harsh season of climate. From hail to storms, a roof contractor ensures that your business can withstand and avoid damages from severe weather.

Keep an eye on the weather channel if possible and schedule a session before a predicted storm. Prices for roof inspections tend to rise during these times, however.
Do not forget that the materials your commercial roof consists of matter as well. Asphalt and wood shingles typically need a look over every 1 to 3 years. Ceramic tile might only need one every 5 years or so, though some businesses take the safe route by hosting an inspection every 3 years.

While many factors contribute to how often you should call a roofing company, there is no denying that regular roof inspections go a long way to improving the quality of your business’s building. Do not delay your next visit, as a relatively low cost now can save you thousands in the long run.

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Inspections are not optional, as every business needs a quality roof to look and stay professional. Is your company in need of roof inspections to prepare for upcoming weather? Get in contact with our teams at BML Roofing, one of the nation’s leading providers of roof repairs and services. We have been serving municipal and commercial clients for several years with our tools and experience.

• Roof inspections are a necessary part of business maintenance. Some tasks and repairs cannot be completed without professional assistance.
• The frequency of your checkups depends on roof age, materials used, and many other factors.
• BML Roofing is ready to help your company achieve a quality roof that will last for many years.