To the chagrin of property owners everywhere, raccoons have found shelter in various buildings, facilities, and homes around Ontario. Businesses throughout Brant, Brantford, Norfolk, and other counties often suffer structural damages because of these animals.
Roof damage is not only expensive to repair but also gives your business a bad reputation. Roof maintenance is thus an essential part of keeping up a professional appearance for your clients and business partners.
They often tear into flat roofs as well. If your company owns a facility with such a roof, it may be time to call a flat roof replacement company should you find any damage. In the meantime, let’s talk about what you can do to prevent raccoon-related issues with your business’s flat roof.

Properly Dispose of Garbage and Compost

Raccoons are attracted to garbage, especially organic compost. Ensure that your maintenance team properly closes garbage cans and replaces broken waste receptacles. Keep in mind that you should also watch for animal food as well, including bird and pet chow, if your business deals with these items.
While this strategy doesn’t guarantee a raccoon-free roof, it does significantly reduce the chance your company will have to pay for animal control services. Following our tips can help you save significantly when it comes to flat roof repair costs.

Secure the Premises

It’s also worth hosting an inspection of your facility for unsecured openings where raccoons can enter. The animals have surprisingly strong paws for digging through weakened building materials, so you need to take precautions.
Another important step is to clear the roof of branches, leaves, and other debris, which raccoons use to build their homes. Raccoons typically search for locations that they consider safe. By removing potential nest building supplies, they may look at other roofs to build their nests.

Set Up Traps

Under serious conditions, raccoons may choose to physically live on your roof, which can cause all sorts of problems. Consider speaking with animal control services for raccoon traps, being aware that adult raccoons may be taking care of their young up there too.
Animal control serves will have the resources needed to trap and relocate the raccoons to a safer place that won’t jeopardize the health of your flat roof. In Toronto, there are various animal service facilities located throughout the city.

Hire a Flat Roof Replacement Company

No one knows raccoon problems better than the experts. Make sure your company roof can keep up appearances and stay structurally sound throughout the seasons by getting in contact with a flat roof replacement company.
Nothing stops raccoons dead in their tracks better than a professional inspection and sealing job. Organizations often hire these services to assess the chances of an infestation and how to deal with one.

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