When it comes to flat roofs, metal probably isn’t the first material you think of. Generally, the most common material flat roof repair companies are thought of as using is asphalt or concrete. In fact, concrete and asphalt roofs have been shown to be less durable and more expensive than the other material options.
What are the problems with asphalt roofs? Well, they are prone to cracking. You can expect to constantly need to patch up an asphalt roof with sealant and the like, and the maintenance costs aren’t worth your time. In addition, asphalt roofs typically end up lasting no more than 30 years or so. If you’re looking to make an investment in your building that will last, concrete and asphalt are poor choices.
Nowadays, previously alternative roofing materials have become commonplace. One of the previously overlooked materials for flat roofs is metal. Here are a few reasons metal is an excellent roofing material, and why your flat roof repair company recommends it.

1. Metal is a Long-Lasting Material

When it comes to durability, metal can’t be beat. Unlike other, cheaper options, which tend to last at most 20 or 30 years, metal roofs are built to last. A metal roof is a serious investment in a building that increases its value by reducing the required maintenance.
So, what do the numbers look like? A typical metal roof will last between 40 and 80 years, depending on weather conditions and maintenance. That’s double or even triple what the average rubber, asphalt, or concrete roof will last. That’s why your flat roof repair company recommends metal as the material of choice for new roofs.

2. Keeping Your Building Cool

One of the most common expenses in running a building is the central heating and air conditioning. Materials such as concrete and asphalt are ill-suited to keeping a building cool in the summer, because they are dark materials that do not reflect the sun’s rays well. As your building absorbs most of the sun’s energy, it will heat up, which is bad news for your air conditioning bill.
As any experienced flat roof repair company knows, metal roofs are built to reflect sunlight. They protect your building from the outside heat and keep the area cool without need for much energy for air conditioning. On average, you will save about 25% on your energy bill, which really adds up over time.

3. The Safest Choice

Your flat roof repair company wants you to know that metal has two properties that make it an ideal roofing material.
First of all, metal is not flammable. In the event that your building is struck by lightning, a metal roof will not cause fires to start. Metal also has a very high tolerance for heat. If the building happens to catch fire, a metal roof is not in danger of collapsing or melting, unlike asphalt or concrete.
The second reason metal is a great material for roofing is that it does not create runoff. Rain falling off the metal roof will not erode it over time, meaning that a metal roof does not pose a hazard to the environment around it and will last through all kinds of weather.

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● Asphalt and concrete are not the ideal material for modern flat roofs.
● Metal is a much more viable and effective option for keeping a roof standing for a long time.
● If you’re looking for experienced professional roofing services, BML Roofing has over 40 years of experience working with roofs of all kinds.