The Ontario winter is in full swing, and with it comes all kinds of roof issues. Winter is a bad time to develop problems with your roof. Not only are leaks most common in the winter, but winter roof issues are especially bad. Winter leaks will inflate your business’s energy bill as well as potentially causing serious structural damage.
With the risk of roof damage from snowfall and other winter weather being significant, you should have a plan in place to ensure that your roof remains secure. The best way to make sure of that is to contract your flat roof replacement company to conduct a roof inspection. A professional roof inspector will look for the telltale warning signs that your roof might have problems, and give you an accurate quote to fix the problem.

1. Thaw and Freeze

Snow piling up on your flat roof can melt in warmer parts of the winter. If the weather stays warm, the pools of water on your roof will evaporate over time. On the other hand, when the temperature hovers around 0, snow can melt and refreeze on your roof.
Water tends to work its way into the cracks of the roof. When it refreezes, it expands, which can result in severe damage to your roof. Existing cracks will widen, with the result of major leaks. This is one of the most common causes of damage to your roof, and there’s no easy solution.
Your flat roof replacement company will help you consolidate the damage to your roof by patching up cracks before they become problematic. By keeping your roof in good condition with regular inspections, you can avoid the major costs of having to repair your roof.

2. Your Energy Bill

A leaking roof or missing insulation can cost your business a small fortune in your energy bill. Nothing quite cools off your building faster than allowing all of the heat to escape through the roof. This is bad news when you want your building to stay at a temperature that’s comfortable to work in.
It’s part of a flat roof replacement company’s job to repair missing or damaged insulation as well as leaks. The savings on your energy bill outweigh the investment in the inspection quite a bit, so it’s well worth your time to book a roof inspection.

3. Extra Load

Snow piling up on your roof can add a significant amount of extra weight. Your roof is designed to handle this weight, but if it hasn’t been inspected in a while, the stress and small damages from loads like this can add up.
If your flat roof starts to sag, it’s definitely time to call your flat roof replacement company. If left alone, your sagging roof will be further damaged by water pooling in focused locations on the roof. This can cause leaks or structural damage.

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● Winter is a particularly bad time for roof leaks and damage to spring up, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere.
● A roof inspection from a flat roof replacement company is the best way to protect your business from the costs of serious roofing issues.
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