The most important part of any commercial building is the roof. But over time, roofs deteriorate and need replacing. When that time comes, you’ll need to get in touch with a reputable roof restoration company.

But before you sign any deals, you should know what to look for. A reputable roof restoration company should be committed to making sure your roof is repaired to the way it was, whether you need a full replacement or a partial fix.

All professional roofing companies follow these steps to make sure your new roof looks elegant, professional, and weatherproof.

1. Remove Old Shingles

There is no point in keeping old and broken shingles around, or manually fixing them, its best to replace them outright. Common signs that a shingle needs to be replaced include, cracks, curves, plant growth, and discoloration.

Many businesses make the mistake of making several spot repairs. This can develop into larger problems as different areas of your roof age and deteriorate. When replacing a large portion of your roof, you may as well invest in a full replacement.

All the nails holding down the old shingles must be removed entirely or nailed all the way down, so they don’t damage the new replacement shingles.

Now you can place the new shingles yourself, but if you are replacing your entire roof, there are additional steps.

2. Apply the Necessary Foundations

Remove the foundation that was there before and replace it with a new layer of felt paper or asphalt. This cover makes sure ice and water don’t drip into your commercial building. Additionally, place self-stick underlayment’s to prevent water from seeping underneath your felt paper and ice from mounding up and create large ice dams to appear in winter.

A good roof restoration company knows that some roofs require extra layers of felt paper depending on the location. Its always best have extra insulation.

If you don’t know how many layers you will need, BML Roofing professionals will always know the right number to use, so you don’t have to worry about it.

3. Flash the Valley and Install a Metal Drip Edge

Now that the roof is shielded from water and ice now the parts needed to divert them are built. The valleys of the roof are especially vulnerable to rain so it should be coated with metal sheets, this causes the slope of the roof sending any water to drip down into the metal drip edge which sends water to the gutter.

Your roof restoration company reminds you that this step is very important. If this is done improperly, then you could end up with a lot of things getting stacked on your roof which could not only damage the shingles but the stability of your entire roof.

4. Place the New Shingles or Layer of Gravel

Once all the foundation and additional mechanisms are installed, you can nail the new shingles into place. Your roof restoration company professionals will make sure the shingles are installed in an orderly and precise manner. If the gap is too big between shingles, it not only disorganizes the entire roof but also leaves it vulnerable to damage.

Most commercial buildings are flat roofs, so instead of using shingles these use a layers of material like ashphalt, pebbles, bitumen and others.

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● To restore your roof, remove all the old shingles, apply new layers of felt with a self-stick underlayer, metal sheets on the valleys, and metal drip edges if you don’t already and finally place the new shingles.
● With these tips and some extra guidance, you’ll better understand the roofing process.
● BML Roofing has been serving the Brantford and GTA Area for nearly 50 years.