Winter is over and that means now is a good time to schedule a roof inspection. Hopefully, everything turns up clean, but in case it doesn’t, it’s good to know what your next steps are. Commercial roof restoration is not as simple as it may seem. After all, every roofing solution is tailored to a specific situation. In most cases, you should consider modified bitumen roofing as a solution.

What Is Modified Bitumen Roofing?

Modified bitumen roofing comes in a few different types, each of which is well suited to commercial roof restoration. At its core, it is made up of bitumen which is modified with polymers and mixed with several layers of fabric for extra strength. The main types of modified bitumen differ by the specific polymer used to supplement the bitumen.

Modified bitumen roofing is often better for commercial roof restoration than other roofing options. It is more water resistant, easier and cheaper to apply, and long-lasting. Not only that, but it also helps save both your budget and the environment!

Why use Modified Bitumen for your Commercial Roof

1. Water Resistance

After a commercial roof restoration replaces your old roof with modified bitumen, you can be sure you won’t have any leaks or water damage. This is because the modified bitumen is attached using a water repellant adhesive. For a leak to form, there would need to be serious damage inflicted on the roof. Your modified bitumen roof should be able to handle even the most extreme of weather without developing any problems.

2. Ease of Application

Are you short on time for your roof restoration? Finding a material that’s easy to install reduces both the time and effort spent on performing the commercial roof restoration, as well as the risk of accidents. And because this type of roofing is easy to apply, it will reduce your costs as well.

3. Save Your Budget

If you are struggling to fit a commercial roof restoration into your budget, modified bitumen roofing is the right choice for you. It is usually cheaper than most other roofing options, even when you take into account stripping off the old roofing for replacement.

4. Long-Lasting

On average, modified bitumen roofs last over 20 years, rivaling other roofing types. Using bitumen in your commercial roof restoration also reduces your maintenance costs, since modified bitumen doesn’t require too much maintenance over the years.

Modified bitumen roofing is also very durable, being able to handle any extreme weather and other potential strain without buckling or leaking.

5. A Green Option

A step in every commercial roof restoration involving modified bitumen is to add one or more layers of insulation. This makes your roof good at keeping heat in and out of your building, lowering your energy bill and helping protect the environment at the same time.

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  • If you are looking to have your roof restored, modified bitumen is probably a very good option for you.
  • Modified bitumen is easy to apply, long-lasting, and affordable, as well as being environmentally safe and leak-resistant.
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