2019 has been a heavy winter in Toronto and Southern Ontario, and that means rain, snowfall, and other weather that can severely damage your commercial roof. You may only notice damage to your roof when you notice a leak. By then, the damage has been done, and you will likely need to pay for your roof to be repaired or replaced.

Your roof repair company almost certainly offers roof inspections and maintenance as well. “Better safe than sorry” holds true here. Preventive maintenance is not expensive and will pay for itself many times over in the repair costs it saves you. Here are some ways that you can save repair costs.

1. Poorly Sealed Penetrations

Most commercial roofs have quite a few penetrations leading from the building to the roof, such as vents and pipes. If these are not properly sealed, your roof will be leaking quite badly. This is a particularly bad leak because not only the roof, but also the pipe or vent itself will often need to be repaired. As part of an inspection, your roof repair company will check these penetrations and make sure that they are well-sealed.

2. Torn or Damaged Roof Flashing

Your roof has many joints and intersections. These are sealed with roof flashings, which are typically made of a high-quality weather-resistant metal, such as galvanized steel. However, after years of exposure to the weather, there is a good chance that your flashings could be damaged, resulting in leaks and damage. A roof inspection can uncover this damage before it becomes too problematic.

3. Damaged and Blocked Drains

If your commercial roof does not have proper drainage, water will pool on your roof. This is a sure recipe for a damaged roof – just a few centimeters of water can increase the load on your roof.

Commercial roofs are built with drains and downspouts that provide a way for water to flow off your roof. However, especially in the fall and winter, these drains and downspouts are prone to blockages from leaves, ice, and the like. Your roof repair company can inspect and clean out your drains, solving this problem and saving you from having to get a leak repaired later.

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● Roof repairs are far more expensive than regular roof inspections.
● Don’t gamble with your roof! Any unmaintained roof is bound to leak eventually.
● Our expert inspectors will find any possible issues with your commercial roof before they develop into expensive damage.