The heavy rain and snowfall characteristic of Toronto weather combined with widely varying temperatures throughout the year can spell trouble for the commercial roof your business spends so much on maintaining.
Roof leaks are among the most common problems company buildings suffer from, but with the right preparation, you can save yourself from costly future repairs. Read on to find out how many businesses avoid roof leakages.

Be Aware of the Common Causes of Roof Leaks

While commercial roofs are typically built to withstand inclement weather for longer than residential roofs, weaknesses can still show up over time, and being able to identify the signs early will make it easier to choose the right solution before any serious damage occurs.
● Standing water. Particularly on flat commercial roofing, puddles may collect rainwater after a storm, which indicate weaknesses in the drainage system and will evolve into leaks. Even sloped roofs collect water if its gutters are clogged or misaligned.
● Damaged flashing and shingles. Flashing is the material used to seal the perimeter of the roof from the weather. Both flashing and shingles are designed to prevent seeping water but degrade over time. Your roof inspection and repair company will be inspecting these in case a replacement is necessary.
● Open vents. One entry point roof water can use to find its way indoors is through the pipes and vents of the HVAC system. A properly installed sealant is the key to preventing these leaks.

Keeping the Roof Clean

In addition to looking unprofessional, a dirty roof raises the chance of water leakages as moist leaves, branches, and dirt collect together. Plus, mildew and leftover branches can clog gutters and generate nasty odors.
To prevent debris buildup, trim any trees and branches overhanging the roof. This strategy cuts down not only on natural debris like acorns and leaves but also ensures no large branches fall on your building during heavy storms.
It’s also worth cleaning out the gutters and drains whenever necessary to prevent damage from standing water, especially after the fall season when leaves tend to gather on the roof.

Conduct Regular Inspections

Nothing beats a routine checkup from the roof inspection and repair company. No matter how well you treat them, roof shingles, flashing, and the sealant around vents will degrade over time. Regular checkups result in preventative maintenance that stops leaks before they become expensive or even dangerous problems.
Checkups are typically due every few months. In addition, call for an inspection every time:
● A major storm, tornado, blizzard, or hailstorm occurs.
● Long periods of heavy rainfall happen.
● Any issues involving damaged sealant or shingles is noticed at all. Postponing repairs will worsen the effects.

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The next time your company’s maintenance staff has to place buckets on the floor to stop roof leakages, contact the professionals at BML Roofing. Our experienced team specializes in roof inspection and repair and can provide your business with the maintenance check-ups it needs to keep a professional commercial roof.
● Roof leakages are among the most common problems businesses have with commercial roofing. Most issues can be prevented and noticed well before they cause major, costly damage.
● Prevent clogged drains, pipes, and gutters. Inspect shingles and flashing for tears and damage, especially after major storms. Call in the roof inspection and repair company regularly every few months.
● Looking for a roof inspection and repair company servicing the Toronto area and other surrounding regions? Stop serious leaks before they happen with a checkup from BML Roofing.