Commercial roofing is built to last a long time, but you should take some steps as a business owner or manager to minimize the chances of avoidable damage.
Flat roofs specifically, while cheaper and more suitable for many commercial applications, is usually less durable than other types of roofs. Here are the most common ways flat roofing can suffer damages that require the attention of a industrial roof maintenance and restoration company.

Inclement Weather | Industrial Roof Restoration

Having a tree fall on your property is rather rare. However, storms throw around debris like bits of wood and rock that can rip through parts of your roof, causing dents and tears that might not be noticed until much later.
It’s important to call the industrial roof maintenance and restoration company routinely to check for damage, especially after a major rainstorm.

Heat and Sunshine | Industrial Roof Maintenance

Many commercial roofs come with UV protection, but the weather’s cycle of heating and cooling will still cause the construction materials in your roof to age.
For many commercial roofs that are expected to last several years, have it maintained as often as you can.

Mistakes in the Maintenance | Commercial & Industrial Roof Maintenance

Getting your rooftop’s HVAC maintenance from the industrial roof maintenance and restoration company is essential to lengthening its lifespan as we’ve discussed.
However, when workers climb up there with tons of small tools such as ladders, hammers, and nails, a messy job can leave forgotten items up on the roof. Also, small bits of debris can get stuck after a long day of repairs. Most good restoration services know how to avoid these mistakes, but it’s always a possibility to consider.

Wildlife | Industrial Roof Maintenance

Pest control against insects and rodents trying to find shelter in your roof should be on your list. Setting up traps in the roof for mice and squirrels is an option if wildlife becomes an issue, but the little rodents might still find their way in through tiny holes dug up with their teeth.

Water Damage| Commercial Roof Repair & Maintenance

Finally, roof leaks are common and mainly caused by faulty flashing. Flashing is the material applied to walls and around objects to seal out water. It can wear down over time as parts of the roof expand and contract in the heat.
Sometimes, the pitch pan used to seal around a pipe going through the roof may be damaged as well, also causing leaks. Standing water on the roof, a result of clogged drains, causes the material to deteriorate and leak too.

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• No matter how high-end or well-designed a commercial roof may be, damage due to wear and tear over time is inevitable.
• Common points of damage include heat, storms, maintenance mishaps, wildlife, and standing water.
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