Everyone knows buckets on the floor to catch roof leaks look downright ugly and unprofessional, but there are much bigger problems that arise from ignoring leaks and other roof issues, especially for businesses.
If you find any leaks or drafts or your roof maintenance and restoration company finds a problem during a regular checkup, there’s no reason to delay repairs. Here’s why.

The Problem Will Get Worse

The longer a leak, puncture, or deterioration stays on your commercial roof, the worse it gets over time, and the cost for the roof maintenance and restoration company to fix it naturally increases as well. For instance,
• Leaks will worsen as standing water continues to break down the flashing and sealant.
• Debris like branches and leaves will keep building up, adding more weight to the roof.
• Loose shingles tend to dislodge neighboring shingles if they fall off.

Your HVAC Bill Will Go Up

Roof drafts leak hot or cold air from inside your house, resulting in much higher HVAC bills than necessary. During the winter months, heating costs take up almost a third to a half of your business’s energy bill. These drafts drain your budget and worsen your business’s carbon footprint while the issue remains unfixed.

Mold Is a Health Hazard

Mold often grows on commercial roofs because of standing water and a lack of maintenance. Mold is a serious health hazard that is not only difficult to remove but also hard to detect since it can seep underneath your wallpaper and remain unnoticed. Clear your company’s liability to its customers and employees by clearing out clogged gutters and fixing improper drainage.

The Issue Can Spread

Roof damage can affect the entire building. Gravity naturally pulls water trapped up in the roof through the ceiling, damaging carpets and hardwood floors. Plus, your company building’s structural integrity as a whole is compromised from a badly-maintained roof.

You Don’t Want Any Wildlife Up There

Hear a pest scurrying up there? Mice and squirrels can infamously fit through tiny holes in the roof, and wildlife can be noisy and infest your building if they attempt to build their home there. Patching up those drafts and leaks is your best defense against pests.

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• Roof maintenance is not something you can delay for later. If you or your roof maintenance and restoration company find a leak or draft, plan to have the issue fixed as soon as possible.
• Delaying a roof repair could result in the issue getting worse, wildlife to enter from open drafts, or even mold to grow on your commercial roof.
• Call in the experts at BML Roofing to cover any commercial roof issues before they become huge problems.