Your business’s headquarters is often the first impression new customers and clients see. Don’t underestimate the importance of designing your building’s structure, including its roof.
An important decision your commercial roof inspection and repair company needs to make is whether to use a pitched (or sloped) roof or a flat roof (where the angle is less than 10 degrees).
If you think a flat roof fits your business’s style the best, here are some questions to ask yourself first.

Is the Budget Tight? | Commercial Roof Repair Company

How much are you willing to invest in your business’s external appearance? Flat roofs are cheaper than sloped roofs thanks to cheaper materials and less costly labor. They also have a lower repair cost as well, saving you money in the long run.
Your commercial roof inspection and repair company can also clean gutters or patch holes much more easily on a flat surface than a tilted one.

How Valuable Is Your Time? Commercial Roof Inspection Company

Does your business need to open soon? A flat roof might be the answer since installing one is faster than a sloped roof. The commercial roof inspection and repair company can complete most installation and replacement jobs well within a day.
Sloped roofs may be more expensive and take longer to build, but there are some reasons to choose one over a flat roof.

How Much Does Style Matter? | Industrial Roof Repair

Flat roofs are not considered as stylish as pitched ones. When is the last time you’ve seen a luxury home without a non-flat roof? Style usually isn’t a consideration for storage warehouses or straightforward facilities but may be an issue if your competition all uses non-flat roofing.

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Flat roofs mechanically support less weight than sloped roofs, so your commercial roof inspection and repair company will have to compensate by strengthening other parts of the building if you choose a flat roof. They also don’t have as much insulation and can be affected more greatly by changes in temperature.
Rain is another factor. Setting up the right amount of drainage requires additional equipment on flat roofs as opposed to sloped roofs.

Are You Looking to Expand the Building? Commercial Roof Repair Company

This last question is a double-edged sword on both sides. For instance, flat roofs offer extra space on top to add additional rooms, such as a garden, a meeting platform, or even solar panels. Using this new space without the risk of falling off might be a reason to go flat.
At the same time, a flat roof removes the possibility of an attic, which could be useful for storage warehouses or certain company buildings that require utility rooms but lack a basement.

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So which option will you pick for your small business? If you need help deciding or just want to make your company building’s vision a reality, talk with us at BML Roofing. Our experienced staff has materialized thousands of flat roofing projects since 1972.
We’ve specialized in various industrial and commercial roofing projects throughout Brantford and the surrounding areas. We’re confident that BML is the best commercial roof inspection and repair company for your small business.
• Building designers need to decide on whether to adopt a flat roof or a sloped roof. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.
• Flat roofs are cheaper and faster to implement. They also provide extra space above that you can use for a multitude of purposes. Sloped roofs, in contrast, are seen as stronger and more fashionable.
• BML Roofing is the commercial roof inspection and repair company for any small business in and around the Brantford area. Call us today!