There’s quite a lot to look out for when it comes to inspecting or walking about your roof. If you’re a new business owner or one simply going about a routine inspection, it’s important you focus on proper aspects of roof maintenance. When you lack the knowledge, training, and experience of a professional, you could end up doing more harm than good.
These do’s and don’ts are a great checklist as you investigate your roof. Each point should help you learn what to look for, what to avoid, and exactly what to leave to a roof maintenance and restoration company like BML Roofing.

The Do’s | Roof Maintenance

• Inspections need to be performed at least twice a year, though they may also be guarantee required. Undertake these inspections at the end of summer, the end of winter, after the roof has been under a heavy amount of thermal stress, and additional inspections whenever there’s heavy rains, winds, fires, or other uncommon weather. Be sure to unclog drains in the fall and the spring so they don’t get backed up. Finally, note any problem areas that you should keep an eye on.
• Every inspection and record you make for the roof should be kept on file.
• When you have equipment service personnel handling heavy pieces of equipment and tools on your roof, remind them to be careful. Each trip they make to the roof should also be logged.
• You’re less likely to have issues if you keep the roof free of debris and clean of any contaminants. Same goes for roof drains.
• Have you created a rooftop control policy? Do it, making sure to include that access doors and hatches should be kept locked.
• It’s never a waste of time to thoroughly research a roofing contractor before contacting them. Request a consultation, check the services they offer, and learn about their reputation.

The Don’ts | Roof Maintenance

• Keep unqualified personnel away from your roof. No one without proper training and experience should be performing roof maintenance.
• Equipment service personnel should never be allowed to penetrate the roof. An approved roofing contractor is the only one who should be doing such things.
• Never, ever power-wash your roof. The chances of unintended damage are too high to take the risk.
• Do not puncture the membrane as you’re exposing your business to the environment and damaging the roof.
• Heavy equipment should not be moved across the roof. If you slip and drop it, that could lead to a very expensive hole needing to be repaired.

We Know Exactly What Not to Do When it comes to Roof Maintenance

Don’t ignore your roof maintenance simply because you’re unsure of what to look for. The roofs of Ontario have been kept in great condition through the well-trained efforts of our staff at BML Roofing. Our focus on customer satisfaction and customer care puts us head and shoulders above the competition. We know every possible problem and solution so you don’t have to worry about it.

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• Roof maintenance is something every business owner should know how to do properly to avoid costly issues.
• Knowing what to do – from inspection amounts to contractor research – is as important as knowing what not to do like power-washing.
• Work with a contractor that can accomplish whatever you need. From general maintenance and repairs to inspections and complete restorations, BML Roofing does it all.