The roof over your business isn’t something you often think about. With all your attention going towards growing your business, it’s easy to forget about the building that makes it all happen.
Maybe you’ve never done a roof inspection before and this is your first time. Either way, it’s an important part of building maintenance that no business owner should neglect. The longer you leave it the greater the risk of costly damage and replacement instead of a simple repair.
If you’re checking your roof after every episode of really bad weather and at least twice a year, you should avoid any big problems. Of course, it’s always best to bring in a professional roof inspection company who know exactly what to look out for. Still, here’s what you can do to look into things yourself.

1. Do a Walk Around | Roof Inspection

Get outside and examine the roof at ground level. You’re looking for any signs of noticeable wear and tear; aging, damage, sagging. Make note of any sections or areas that could be a problem or could just use closer inspection. Once you know where they are, you can go about tackling their issues.

2. Plant Check | Roof Inspection

If you’ve ever had a leak that’s drained your bank account or water damage that’s done the same, there’s a high chance these guys are to blame. Keep an eye out for leaf piles, algae, and moss.
As a roof inspection company, we warn our clients all the time about the damage rotting plant life, leaves, and other buildup can cause to your roof.

3. Shingles | Roof Inspection

Buckled shingles. Curled shingles. Ages, damaged, and missing shingles. As you can see, a lot happens to this little squares since they’re affected by both internal and external environments. When shingles curl away from the building and buckle, it’s usually caused by hot air from the attic. Damaged and aged shingles are incredibly common along with missing shingles, a leading cause of roof damage that opens up your business to direct exposure to the weather.

4. Gutters Time | Roof Inspection

Always clean your gutters! These downspouts and roof overhangs are essential pieces of building maintenance. If these are not taken care of on a regular basis, you could be looking at some serious, larger issues due to rot and open joints.

5. Granule Loss Inspection | Roof Inspection

Granule loss is the loss of texture on shingles. Over time, severe weather ages and affects shingles to the point where they don’t offer any protection to the building against heavy storms. Once you see that the shingles on your roof have no texture, replace them ASAP.

6. Get the Ladder | Roof Inspection

The waterproof, metal stripped installed over places needing extra protection from moisture is call counter flashing. In order to inspect this, you need to get up on the roof. Look for cracked or damaged sealant around the edges of the flashing along with shrinking sealant. A deteriorated seal leaves the roof and attic quite vulnerable to water damage.

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• Hiring a roof inspection company is a necessary part of building maintenance.
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