Our roofs are not something we tend to think about on a daily basis. Most of the time, people don’t even look up until they need to. As a business owner, you are focused on making sales, growing your business, and keeping your customers happy through every step of the process.
If there’s a leak, hole, or lack of insulation, it won’t take long for it to affect your daily life. By keeping on top of roof repairs and inspection, you eliminate the risk of having to pay thousands of dollars to replace something you hadn’t even been thinking about until you had to. This means keeping your business open and avoiding costly delays.
In Ontario, you’re dealing with nearly constant snowfall in the winter up north and humid summers in the south. That kind of harsh weather is going to take its toll on a roof sooner than you think. To keep it in shape, you can only trust the best in the business.
Here’s why BML Roofing is the premier roof inspection and repair company in Ontario.

Affordable, Professional Workmanship

Don’t let other companies scam you when BML is a call away. Since roofing is something commercial business owners often overlook or don’t get to for decades, most companies don’t care about customer satisfaction. Any repeat business most likely won’t happen for years, so they simply take the money, slap on some shingles, and move on. Reach out to a company who cares.
BML is staffed by experienced professionals who want to leave you with results you’re happy with. Our pricing is affordable, our workmanship is of the highest quality, and we care about our reputation.

Service Areas throughout the Province

Customers in Branford have it lucky as that’s where BML Roofing makes their home. However, that doesn’t mean anyone else in Ontario is out of luck. Far from it, actually. We also service:
• Toronto and the GTA
• Mississauga
• Kitchener
• Hamilton
BML, your dedicated roof inspection and repair company, is ready to service your roof almost anywhere in the GTA and surrounding areas. We’ll find a cost-effective solution to any problem you have.

A Variety of Services

Eventually, you will need to do a complete overhaul and replace your roof. Whether it’s because of a bad winter or simply the passing of time, it’s inevitable. When that happens, BML is there to help you but replacing is not all we do.
Inspections. Repairs and roof openings. Sheet metal work. Metal roof restorations. No matter your roofing needs, BML Roofing can fix it or restore it. There the one-stop roofing shop you’ll ever need.

BML Roofing – Your #1 Roof Inspection and Repair Company in Ontario

As you can see, there’s more than one reason that BML Roofing is popular across Ontario. Our focus on cost-effective solutions and high-quality workmanship, combined with how much we care about the customer, puts us head and shoulders above the competition.
Contact BML today for any repairs and inspections you need. We can tackle any problem you throw at us whether you’re in Toronto, Kitchener, or Brantford. Check out our projects page to see exactly what we can do for you.
• Need help in Toronto, the GTA, Branford, or anywhere in the southern area of Ontario? BML Roofing is your dedicated roof inspection and repair company and we are able to assist you across the province. Contact us today.
• BML cares about its customers. Its staff pride themselves on their workmanship and will not leave customers unsatisfied.
• Work with a contractor that can accomplish whatever you need. From general maintenance and repairs to inspections and complete restorations, BML Roofing does it all.