No matter how durable the roof of your business may be, constant exposure to the weather will eventually wear it down. Complete roof replacements aren’t cheap either, so an inexpensive inspection procedure goes a long way in preventing costly repairs in the future. In fact, most insurance companies require routine roof inspections and repairs for this exact reason.
Here are 4 questions you’ll want to consider when it comes to keeping your commercial building’s roof in top shape.

1. When is the Best Time to Call the Roof Inspection and Repair Company?

While noticeable leaks and drafts are signs that roof damage needs to be looked after, most damage might not be noticed by a casual glance by the building owner. Even what seems like small damage can cause problems down the line.

Small leaks, damaged shingles, lifting panels and tin, and other problems that you may think are small can quickly turn into larger problems. If not detected early, something like a small leak can cause significant damage which could have been easily spotted by a roof inspection company.

In general, schedule a roof inspection once a year after a season of inclement weather. Spring is a popular time outside of winter’s freezing rain and summer’s sun and heat.

2. Where Will the Company Inspect the Roof?

There are two types of inspection a professional repair company will provide: internal and external.

Interior inspections focus on everything inside of a commercial building. The roofer will check for holes in the insulation, any issues with ventilation, and areas where moisture collects and mold forms.
Exterior inspections involve climbing onto the roof and checking for leaks, cracks, flashing, shingles, smoke stacks, and any other problem areas.

We always recommend you look into having both types completed as you want to catch any problems during in the early stages, before they become significant.

3. What Are the Procedures for a Shingle Roof?

A roof with shingles consists of material overlapping one another. Most commercial buildings don’t use shingles, but for those that do, it’s important that you inspect and repair them as needed. For shingle roofs, inspectors will check for:
• Water damage due to decayed flashing underneath the shingles
• Broken, loose, or rotting shingles
• Flaking granules, the material used to protect your roof from the sun

4. What Are the Procedures for a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing involves a completely different protocol. Metal roofing is a little more intricate than something like TPO or spray foam. Regardless, when it comes to a metal roof, inspectors might also look for:
• Loose screws and seams. Because metal expands and contracts in the heat, these fasteners can become loose over time.
• Rust caused by humidity, which can result in holes and general structural weakness in the roof

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